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Antique German 21” Alice Hairdo with Snood Brunette China Shoulder Head Doll

Antique German 21” Alice Hairdo with Snood Brunette China Shoulder Head Doll

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All original gorgeous doll that is hard to find. The head is nicely preserved. There is some flaw to the tip of the nose. It is hard to notice and unclear what that is. It does not look like a chip, possibly some mold flaw. There are a couple paint flake to the back of the head. Other paint wear is light and is also shown on the photos. Tiny mold flaw to the right side of the forehead. No other flaws to the shoulder head.

The head is attached to an original body. The outfit of the doll is also original. We decided not to remove the clothes as they fit the doll tightly and removing them can be damaging to the doll or the clothes. Looks like the body has no issues. No leaking. The body is most likely stuffed with horsehair.

The lower arms and the legs of the doll are china. All original as well. There are damage and repair to the right arm.

The left china leg of the doll is damaged as well. It seems that the stockings and shoes are antique and were added many years ago because of the damage to the leg. They are not removable. It feels that there is a front piece that is missing to the left foot. Possible other damage as well.

The doll is coming with multiple pieces of underwear. Her pretty antique outfit is nicely preserved considering the age, but has some signs of wear that include discoloration, stains, small tears. Gorgeous real fur piece with the pin are also included. They look like vintage addition. Please refer to the pictures for more details. No stand is included.

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