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Antique German 26” Bergmann Simon Halbig Bisque Head Lady Doll

Antique German 26” Bergmann Simon Halbig Bisque Head Lady Doll

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The doll is absolutely gorgeous! She has unusual mold with long neck and high forehead. The bisque is free of damage. It has just some glue residue. The earrings connected to the ears with wax, which looks like can be easily removable. The sleepy eyes are in working condition. They possibly had some repair. They are not damaged, but look like we're reset and newer plaster was used to make the side socket. Some of this plaster is inside the head, but this is not a repair to the head. It just probably fell inside the head. The eyes are not perfectly set inside the socket, but they can possibly be adjusted. Beautiful wig of the doll is newer. Comes with pate.

The body is supposed to have a voice box, but looks like it is not there, or it is not in working condition. There is some wear to the body that can be seen on the photos. Stringing if the head and legs is not perfect, but it is not loose. The arms are tighter.

The doll is coming exactly as shown on the photos. There is 2-piece underwear. Very sweet dress has discoloration, small holes and possibly some other wear. All the accessories, including the hat are included. Wear to the shoes. Small holes to the stockings. Please refer to the pictures for more details. No stand is included.

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