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OOAK Artist 24” Polymer Clay Cloth Signed Girl Doll

OOAK Artist 24” Polymer Clay Cloth Signed Girl Doll

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The doll is very pretty and is professionally made. She is signed and dated. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of the artist. The doll has no box, tag or certificate.

The arms and the legs are articulated. They have something under the cloth part of the limbs that make them flexible. The head is one piece with the breast plate and is not movable. The doll can be displayed in standing or sitting positions.

The doll is well preserved and is clean, but she has a some small imperfections. These are small areas of wear to the material/paint. It is mostly on the bottom area of the legs.

There is an area inside the cloth part of the right arm that feels broken or disconnected. Because of that the lower part of the arm is kind of hanging but is attached to the arm and is not falling off.

The clothes of the doll are original as well her decorations. There are some small stains to the dress. The chair is not original to the doll and is not included.

Please refer to the pictures for more details. The stand is not included.

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