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OOAK Hand Sculpted Polymer Clay Doll Emma by Monika, Monica Mechling

OOAK Hand Sculpted Polymer Clay Doll Emma by Monika, Monica Mechling

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Another gorgeous creation from talented artist, Monica Mechling. The doll is one of a kind artwork created by the artist. She is signed by the author on her leg. The doll also coming with the original tag.

Emma is approximately 18.5"-19". Her head with breastplate and lower arms and legs are made of polymer clay. We are not sure that this is the material the doll made of, so please take a close look at the pictures. The body and the upper limbs are made of stuffed cloth. There is a stick that is tied to the body of the doll probably to make the body strong and straight. The face is beautifully painted including the eyes. Mohair wig is gorgeous. Emma has broken and glued forefinger on her right hand. Other than that, she is in great condition. There are some small marks to her polymer clay parts due to the nature of the material, the handwork and the age of the doll that was created in 1990. The doll is clean. Pretty dress and all the accessories are in great condition. The stand is coming with the doll. It is not original. The doll is supposed to be displayed in standing position. For more details, please refer to the pictures.

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