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Vintage Italian 11” Lenci BC Model Cloth Felt Girl Doll

Vintage Italian 11” Lenci BC Model Cloth Felt Girl Doll

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Very sweet doll that is circa 50's. She has molded hard face that looks like a felt, but is possibly made of some other material. Other parts are made of felt and cloth. The doll has no damage, but there are paint flaws and signs of wear that are shown on the photos. These include marks on the legs, glue residue to the head, stain on the face and wear to the hair. The doll is missing a hat or some kind of head piece. She is also missing a tag that was originally attached to the left hand with a red rope that is still connected to the hand. There is an original tag to the skirt. Pins on one side of the left shoe are missing. Right arms is connected to the clothes. She possibly was originally holding something. The outfit is original. It is in overall good shape with a bit of wear. Please refer to the pictures for more details. No stand is included.

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